Drowning In Existential Apathy

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

(NOTE: During a recent session with my therapist, she used the term “existential apathy” to describe what I’m going through these days. I haven’t seen the phrase anywhere else, so I’m pretty sure it’s an original. And yes, today I’m still in the throes of existential apathy.)

(Angry screaming)

How can you be shocked this has happened again?

How can you?

By now, how can anyone be shocked by this?

The rest of us are well past shock.

We’re LIVID!


You had the chance — lots of chances — to do something about this, these things,

A long time ago.

And you did


You waited

And waited

And still you wait.

You only react.

Inaction oppresses and kills as certainly as any action.

Your thoughts and prayers are useless.

And still you understand NOTHING!

The other day I had a revelation

That not only do they (the other side)

Not care,


They’ve been planning this for a long time.

They had a map. They strategized.

They PLANNED it to happen this way.

And they have more in mind, much more.

And they won’t stop until everything is ruined.

Until more innocent lives have suffered, have been lost.

They’re winning, you know.

They’re winning because you did nothing.

Because you are doing nothing.



We told you what we wanted.

We told you what we thought was needed.

What would be fair and humane.

You nodded your heads and listened,

but you didn’t act.

You won’t act.

This is why my spirit is broken.

This is why all meditations for peace and compassion,

For healing juju and love and white light

Have all been useless.

This is why I’ve put all of that spirit woo-woo work on hold.

Maybe I’ll never do it again.

The therapists and psychologists say in order to feel better:

Keep a gratitude journal

Put your joy in the small things

Talk to your loved ones

Work with a therapist

Join a support group

Practice meditation

Look for more opportunities to be giving

Reach for the highest vibration you can touch

Shift your locus of control from the outer to the inner.

And here’s the crux of it…

None of that works anymore.


Existential anxiety is my new refrain.

Existential apathy is my new mantra.

Disgust is my new norm.

It sickens me.

And so do you…

All of you who we once trusted.

Shakespeare pointed it out long ago:

There’s no more faith in thee than in a stewed prune.

More of your conversation would infect my brain.

Thy sin’s not accidental, but a trade.

For the love of the goddess, people!

For the love of divinity!

Grow a vagina and go out there and make things right!

Myself, I’ve had enough of you…and this.

I’ll be outside

Taking pictures of the storm clouds

And the mountains

The lodgepole pines

The wildflowers

And the alpine tundra

The lakes and rivers and oceans

The birds of prey

And the frolicking elk.

Because after all is said and done,

I’m still a dreamer.

Storm Clouds at Sunset. Photo by author.

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